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What is Black Pearl?

Black Pearl Trim and Tire Armour is a water-based, polymer-based tire coating that lasts longer than conventional oil-based tire dressings.

The polymers employed are similar to those used in the architectural paint industry. Through careful selection of additives, the final cured films have the necessary flexibility and durability to perform on tire surfaces without cracking or separating, despite the stresses imposed by the ‘bend and stretch’ distortional forces associated with rotating tires, and even under harsh weather conditions.

Unlike conventional silicone oil-based products, Black Pearl does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). There are no flammable, toxic, irritating, or carcinogenic solvents or additives. Black Pearl will not damage paint, plastic, or any other surface-type it may come in contact with, and it will not denature (i.e., damage) tire rubber. Petroleum distillates in conventional products, with repeated use, may eventually damage tires. Unlike conventional products, Black Pearl will not cause ‘fish-eye’ in auto body paint shops.

Black Pearl forms a dry film that does not sling or smear, lasts up to 6 months under normal (city/hwy) driving conditions, and is not damaged by pressure washers or the car wash.  




Black Pearl comes in: 4 oz. / 16 oz. / 1 gal.

The 4 oz. bottle will coat 2+ sets of car tires - two coats.

The 16 oz. bottle will coat 8+ sets of car tires - two coats.

The 1 gal. container will coat 64+ sets of car tires - two coats.

The black-tinted products are our recommendation on all tires and black plastic and vinyl trim parts.

For all non-black substrate applications (including white lettering on tires), for the purpose of restoring faded color and luster, we offer both gloss and satin clear finish products.  Black Pearl will last for years on most low-traffic trim parts applications.

The clear finish products may be used on tires and black trim parts. They also look really good on these surfaces, but the appearance is different, and any blemishes on the substrate will show through.


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